Around the world multiple technology based applications, products and platforms are being launched everyday to attract more and more users. Not only this there is a continuous trend of upgrading the existing technology so as to improve customer experience and increase work efficiency. However developing and improving software requires combination of custom specific codes, open source codes and partner-developed codes.

This hybrid combination of codes requires quality and assurance testing of gap holes and success points before making it available for larger audience. At HitechPeople Inc our team of Engineers, Developers, Architects and Analysts holds inbound knowledge of conducting almost all kinds of testing and maintenance for all social platforms and technologies.

Scaling up the existing technologies as per market dynamics

Manual, automated, back-end, REST, API, white-box, black-box, functional, regression, performance and load testing

Our Services:
  • Test Automation
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Testing Support