With digitalization the ease in access of information, enhancement in customer expectation and solutions to big data management has inclined to opt for more and more tech based products. However maintaining an updated system of network and technologies is a task for companies. Establishing and maintaining an hybrid IT profile that is self secured, agile, flexible, responsive, interactive and involves cloud based strategy is every organizational requisites.

Therefore HitechPeople Inc provides IT infrastructure support to companies in maintaining their technology innovation. Our team of Infrastructure Network engineers, developers, analyst, architect, administrators and consultants invest in seamless integration and maintenance of applications, network, programs and tools that are crucial for business growth

Build niche technologies to frame an ecosystem of information & process

MasterCraft, Netasthra, eTransform, Infrastructure Assessment, Databases (Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, SQL Server, SAP-HANA), OS (Unix, Linux, Windows & others), Middleware, Networking Systems, VOIP/ Telephony, Monitoring tools and agents, Cloud, et al

Our Services:
  • Data center management
  • Cloud services
  • Cyber Security services
  • Infrastructure testing services
  • End user services
  • Network services
  • System Integration
  • Application Management services