Cyber Security

Information security is the key for business growth. Decisions pertaining to clients, customers, employees and leadership decisions are something that assists companies to build strategies. Keeping intact this crucial information is very imperative and with the digital world businesses are opting for technology based security systems. However this also creates high risk of cyber threats that can disturb the entire functioning of business operations. Therefore for business it is becoming difficult to manage, control and secure information.

At HitechPeople Inc we understand the necessity of securing company’s information against cyber threats therefore our team of developers, program managers, information security engineers build a risk proof strategy and tools that keeps crucial information safe.

We work on comprehensive customized models that keep business requisites at forefronts and implement tools such as Cloud based, Digitalization, Internet of Things and Compliances that create a security system.

Keeping intact business information that is crucial and critical

SAST, DAST, SCR (secure review code), RAS (Robust Application security), WAS (web application security), VA (Vulnerability assessment), MAS (Mobile Application security), CAS (cloud application security)

Our Services:
  • Risk Assessment Advisory
  • Customized security system integration
  • Security Testing
  • Security Monitoring & Evaluation